I Don't Sleep with Democrats

by Kathy Matta

I Don't Sleep with Democrats is a comical story about a staunchly Republican widow who goes on match.date to meet the man of her dreams. She purposefully states in her profile that “Democrats need not apply,” but of course 5 democrats respond in an attempt to change her mind. How ridiculous!

Their conversations reveal Matta's sincere and at times outlandish beliefs!

Although on second thought, you must decide for yourselves if they just might be plausible. There are numerous memoirs woven throughout this tale of partisanship, as current events turn into history.

Welcome to the official site of Republican author and activist, Kathy Matta!

As a native of Pittsburgh, PA, Kathy Matta has spent the majority of her adult years actively involved in local and state politics. As a devoted small business owner, community leader and mother, Kathy has worked to instill conservative ideals within her family and promote a return to Republican values within her great state.

She is excited to finally release her long awaited novel, I Don’t Sleep with Democrats. This work of fiction and satire frequently memoirs the author’s own experiences and is a hilarious look at the realism of partisan politics.

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