I Don't Sleep with Democrats

by Kathy Matta

I Don't Sleep with Democrats is a comical story about a staunchly Republican widow who goes on to meet the man of her dreams. She purposefully states in her profile that “Democrats need not apply,” but of course 5 democrats respond in an attempt to change her mind. How ridiculous! 

Their conversations reveal Matta's sincere and at times outlandish beliefs! Although on second thought, you must decide for yourselves if they just might be plausible. There are numerous memoirs woven throughout this tale of partisanship, as current events turn into history. This novel, which has been six years in the making didn’t have a proper ending until Kathy shifted her focus to President Obama. And then the question arises, "How did this communist get elected to the presidency of these wonderful United States?" 

Matta writes in a casual, informal vernacular which emphasizes her Baby Boomer mentality. She calls it the first "Reality Book" (without the bad language and probably with some grammar issues!)  She relies on her favorite songs from time spent at Ohio State to emphasize today's education and economic problems.  You will definitely feel an array of many emotions as you take a walk in her very interesting shoes! 

"I Don't Sleep with Democrats" is dedicated to her deceased mother, Virgina Mahall, who loved her unconditionally and made sure she followed in her Republican footsteps. You’ll enjoy this great tale of politics and relationships each time you pick it up, so click here to purchase your copy on Amazon today!

Henry and Pittsburgh

by Kathy Matta

how to elect President Donald J. Trump: stop Democrat cheating

by Kathy Matta

History of Election Day cheating, certify poll watchers, key locations and websites, and instructions for poll watchers on how to stop Democrat cheating.

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